for Mayor of Rockhampton Region

I’m Russell Claus,

I’m a candidate in the 2021 Rockhampton Region Mayoral By-election

I’m running to DO the job of Mayor, not for the title. I’m running because I believe I’m the best person to DO the job, with the right attitude and the right abilities. I’m running because I believe Rockhampton has more potential for quality growth than any other regional town in Queensland and I want to work with you to make that happen.

I don’t fit into any particular box. I’m not aligned with any political party because I don’t believe the world works well in black and white. Successful Mayors know how to work with everyone - that’s what I will do well. I have made it my life’s work to improve communities. I grew up in Rosewood, a small mining and agricultural town in SE Queensland, eventually ending up in the US. There, as Director of Planning in Oklahoma City, I helped rebuild the city after the bombing and turned it into a thriving renaissance city, a city that other communities now look to as a model for how to grow cities. As an Executive Manager at Rockhampton Regional Council I promoted the revival of the town centre, including the riverfront and the art gallery relocation. I’d like to now ensure those projects provide the right return because it takes more than "build it and they will come”.

I moved back to Australia seven years ago, specifically to Rockhampton because I’d worked in the town years ago. I made a massive difference in my adopted community in the US but I really wanted to make a difference in Australia. I considered Rockhampton the perfect candidate. I also wanted the right environment to raise my two youngest girls and Rockhampton has been perfect - a message we can sell to other potential immigrants. I knew when I moved here that Rockhampton Region had incredible potential and I believe that even more so now. This is why I want to be Mayor, so that I can ensure this potential is realised. Too long on potential, it’s time to make it happen.

I have four wonderful kids (two still in the US), and we’ve made it a family tradition to give back to community. My parents provided the model for me in that respect, and my 84 year old mother is still volunteering. Being Mayor is the best way for me to continue that tradition. I would appreciate your support - you will not be disappointed.

It’s time for real progress

Why I’m Running For Mayor of Rockhampton

  • I believe Rockhampton has a bright future and I want to achieve that future
  • I want to make Rockhampton and the region the best that it can be
  • I’m uniquely qualified to do this, in fact the only candidate with the experience and skills to do so
  • I want to not just grow the economy but to create an unassailable forward momentum, which we will have to have in order to attract new workers and retain home-grown talent
  • I want to capitalise on our considerable natural, physical and workforce assets to ensure we’re the go-to city for future regional investment
  • I want to ensure we do the basics better - maintenance, community appearance and financial management
  • I don’t just imagine, I don’t just promise, I deliver.

Russell Claus for Mayor of Rockhampton Region

“I want to restore faith in our region's future”

I have an ambitious but realistic plan for our Region

  • I want to restore faith in our future from State and Federal governments and to secure the investment that flows from that trust
  • I want to put some real beef in the Beef Capital, to make us the national centre for all things beef, including research, education, technical advancements, exports, AI, genetics, etcetera. Instead of once every three years we need a focus on all aspects of the beef industry multiple times a year. And for that matter, Council needs to work more closely with Beef Australia to ensure they get all the help they need to do their job.
  • I believe Rockhampton can become the model for successful regional development, IF you have the right leadership
  • I will ensure attention is focused on the needs of the whole community, rural, urban, fit, disabled, young, old, needy, job generators - everyone!

Russell Claus for Mayor of Rockhampton Region

“I want to ensure attention is focussed on the needs of the whole community”

Why I’m the best candidate

  • I’m the ONLY candidate with the right training and experience to do the job
  • I’m the only candidate who has actually rebuilt a city (Oklahoma City after the Murrah bombing). I have the track record of success.
  • I have decades of experience in local government and know exactly what needs to be done to make it work better for you and for Council employees. I’m as frustrated by bureaucracy as you are!
  • I’m the best candidate to re-establish a positive working relationship with Livingstone, (not amalgamation but working together on a united front). The benefits that will flow from a re-established partnership are massive.
  • I’m a problem solver. I see the way things can work better and I make it happen

Russell Claus for Mayor of Rockhampton Region

“I’m the only candidate that has actually rebuilt a city”

Why I’m the best candidate

  • I’m a visionary. I know what’s possible and how to make the possible a reality. I’ve done it all my life.
  • I’m a relationship builder. You can’t achieve much unless you know how to work with people. I’m a people person
  • I listen, because I’m transparent, because I know what a good idea is. I tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear.
  • I’m a collaborator. I work with people to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. I can find the sweet spot that seals deals.
  • I’m a leader. I’ve already played a transformational leadership role in a major American city. I came back to Australia and specifically to Rockhampton to do that here.
  • I’m not in it for me, I’m in it for community. I have no ego just a desire to make a better world for as many people as possible.

Watch my Facebook page for policies on everything I’ll be aiming to do if you put your faith in me.

Russell Claus for Mayor of Rockhampton Region

“I’m not in it for me, I’m in it for the community”

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